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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 13, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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growing trend, kids overdosing on purpose, the common medicine they're using to get high. good tuesday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. finally not sparing the air today after a week and a half of doing so. we have rain on the way, with he'll talk about where and when in your full forecast. and a live look outside right now at the bay bridge. plenty fok still present as people make the commute back and forth today. it is tuesday, january the 13th, if you are watching "today in the bay." a very good tuesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. ? and i'm sam brock.
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to downtown san jose a foggy start to your morning. >> this is what you can expect on many of the roadways, this video shot just a couple of hours ago on capital expressway near highway 87 in san jose. you can see making it through that fog is hard to see out there this morning especially in the south bay so allow yourself some from extratime. >> the important question when are things going to clear up. meteorologist christina loren, good morning. >> good morning. it's going to be a gradual clearing. i want to show you the shot of 101 at 280 through san jose. it's a popular area, definitely increasing volume on both sides of the highway. what i notice about the shot we lose visibility entirely and it gets better so i think that will be the case for you. you'll walk out your front door in some spots, it will be nice and clear, you hit that highway and that fog is dangerous this morning. please give yourself extra time. when is it going to clear? we have a pretty good idea, 9:00
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a.m. at the immediate coast, up and down the peninsula as well and towards 11:00 a.m. clearing in the inland valley spots where the fog is the thickest this morning. temperatures aren't that bad. it will be beautiful once we get rid of low visibility, 70 degrees in the north bay and 64 degrees in the south bay. we're covering traffic and weather together as we told you. the fog creeps up along the bay bridge, expecting to lose visibility here momentarily. we'll keep you updated on both. mike has the day off and we'll keep you updated. back to you, sam, laura and the rest of the top stories of the day. speculation turning to reality. kamala harris is expected to run for the u.s. senate, a seat that will soon be empty when barbara boxer retires next year. >> stephanie chuang joins us from san francisco this morning because steph, this is going to be the first race for an open senate seat in california in
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more than two decades. good morning. >> reporter: that's right, good morning to you, sam and laura. 24 years to be exact, how long senator barbara boxer will be serving as the junior u.s. senator from california. we are standing in front of the state attorney general's office in san francisco this morning and sometime today kamala harris is expected to address she will formerly run for the seat in 2016. she began in the al mameda coun district attorney's office before running for the san francisco attorney general office. before she can make more history, larry gersten says she has a lot of work cut out for her. >> conservatives aren't going to like her, many republicans won't like her, independents some of them won't like her. democrat also like her.
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>> reporter: another name thrown around is lieutenant governor gavin newsom. on facebook he said he will not run saying he wants to focus solely on california. tom steyer, steve westly and jackie speier may run. for republicans some names former hewlett-packard ceo carlie fiorina. she lost to boxer for the same seat in 2010 and congressman darrell issa and of course there's always talk about condoleezza rice. we'll talk numbers coming up in our next report in about 40 minutes. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> lots of possible contesters, good that we have a little bit of time to figure this out. thank you very much. >> it's a big seat to fill. health officials say seven more people who went to disneyland or came in contact with someone who did have come down with the measles.
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new cases were confirmed yesterday bringing total to 26 people sickened in four different states. 22 of those cases come from california. officials say most of the patients visited disneyland or disney california adventure last month and others got it after coming into contact with people who went to disneyland. a bank, a market and casino in southern california among the locations where the public may have come into contact with an infected person. school officials are warning parents of a troubling trend of deadly consequences after three girls overdosed on something so common you probably have some of it in your medicine cabinet. nannette miranda joins us live with more on what's called triple c. good morning, nannette. >> reporter: good morning, parents here at britton middle school received a note telling them about a new fad called triple c that kids are taking to get high, after three eighth graders from here had to be hospitalized when they overdosed on cough, cold and congestion
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medicine. that's the triple c as it's known on the street. according to principal glen webb the girls took up to 12 one-a-day tablets each and were noticeably affected. too much of the over-the-counter pills can cause hallucination and intoxication. kids think the meds are safe but in excess dosages they are not. there is a risk of organ damage. triple c is a new trend across the country not just in morgan hill e not just in california. kids are learning about it through social media. the problem is so concerning the food and drug administration is considering putting certain cold meds back on its controlled list. meanwhile, the girls are going to be okay, but could face disciplinary action. hopefully they learn their lesson. live in morgan hill, nannette miranda for "today in the bay." >> maybe the parents keep a closer eye on the medicine cabin cabinets. thank you very much. keep your eyes peeled on the roadway this morning at 6:0.
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time to check the forecast, really hand in hand as layers of fog blanketing many parts of the bay area. live look outside from the distance looks clear but you never know when that fog will creep in on you. >> it's a bit of a challenge but we here in the bay area like a good challenge. good morning, christina. >> keeps you on your toes, and probably one of the mornings it's better to leave early than to take any extra time at home. you really don't want to hit the highway and you might get slowed down by the fog. we have multiple incidents in addition to the fog at this point. we'll talk about that in a moment. start with the good news before we get to the bad news. air pollution definitely not as much of a factor for today. we're not sparing the air. we will remain hazy for today, but i do think you'll be able to see the green hillsides from san jose, once they get rid of the thick fog and if you have intentions, maybe work, headed down into central valley look at how thick it is. you see the deep gray, spots where you can only see for
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hundreds of feet so please, take it easy if you're headed that way. also expected flight delays out of sfo as the fog is settling in. temperatures mostly in the 40s. we'll see a nice, comfortable finish to the day. the sun will break through the stack of clouds. by around 11:00 a.m. inland valleys, fog clearing pattern in san francisco and at the immediate coast up and down the peninsula. for you that might mean delight delays we're expecting won't last that long. we'll keep you updated here on nbc bay area. couple incidents a new one blue lifr more. you want to give yourself extra time at this point. 580 a crash blocking the left-hand lane westbound this morning. in san jose maybe you're just getting ready to hit the i would way with the fog and a couple earlier accidents, northbound 101 is moving slow. you'll have a better drive on 87. i keep showing you this shot, 101 at 280 through san jose, we
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see the fog drifting in and out. right now it looks good. as a result traffic is increasing in volume but right now you're looking pretty good up to speed. we'll keep you updated. back to you, sam and laura. >> something to monitor, thank you very much. a commercial shoot has some san franciscoans unhappy. plus should some countries ban chat app in the name of security? a live look outside the bay bridge and yes, this is a good way to start your morning, if you're begrudgingly getting out of bed. 6:09 on your tuesday. we have lots of news going on in the bay and elsewhere. we'll be right back.
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here are today's top stories, the race to fill barbara boxer's seat appears to be taking shape. kamala harris expected to announce she'll run for boxer's seat in 2016. harris served as san francisco's district attorney prior to becoming the state's top cop. three students in morgan hill were hospitalized after what administrators say was a dangerous medicine cocktail. the students took something called triple c which is getting big internet buzz that amounted to 12 one-a-day cold tablets. the girls will be okay but the schools are putting out a warning to parents. the celebrations got out of hand in columbus, ohio. ohio students celebrating their team's playoff win. some of them got a little too rowdy. coaches burned, students tore down a goal post at the football stadium. police used tear gas and there were a number of arrests as
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well. >> french authorities are combing the streets looking for any members of what they call a terrorist cell involved in the tedly attack on satirial news magazine "charlie hebdo." the funerals are under way for victims killed connected to the attack at the kosher market in paris. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us now. we're learning of an arrest in bulgaria. >> yes, bulgarian authorities say they have a french citizen in custody believed to have links to one of the brothers involved in that "charlie hebdo" magazine massacre. the associated press is reporting this morning that the man in custody had two outstanding warrants, including one related to a terror connection. i'm working to get more information on this. i'll try to have it for you in the next half hour. in the meantime the search continues for the woman in this picture, the one in the veil there. authorities say hayat boumeddiene is the wife of the man who attacked that paris kosher market. she reportedly got out of paris
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before amedy cue bali killed people there. she is in syria in a town under isis control and virtually out of law enforcement's reach. in france the prime minister deployed 10,000 proopz and police, the most ever since war time. nearly half of them are charged with protecting jewish schools and synagogues. the u.s. security high at the jewish museum in new york along with other federal buildings around the nation. the concern is related to threats against soldiers made by cyber hackers who took over the pentagon's twitter and youtube accounts also posting isis pr propaganda videos. the four victims in the kosher market attacks are being laid to rest in israel. all four were french jews, that's why they're being buried there. the police officers also killed, their funerals are in paris. another funeral, this one is in
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pakistani for the kouachi brothers who are being hailed as heroes of islam. the remaining staff of "charlie hebdo" magazine is working on their next edition, going to come out tomorrow, said to have a picture of muhammad on the cover. i'll tell what you else is says, coming up in the next half hour. melissa? >> thank you very much, kris. as groups like isis draw from social media, david cameron, the prime minister of england is warning his country may ban some apps in order to fight terrorism. >> scott mcdrew continues. >> he's deeply concerned about apple's i-chat and what's app, apps encrypted in the end, the companies that make the app can't read what you wrote. cameron speaking to the newspaper "the independent" do we want to allow a means of communication between people with which we cannot read? cameron likely does not have the vote to push it through
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parliament, at least not before the next election. the reasons companies like apple created end to end encryption was to get them off the hook with the domestic spying program. the government can't read american's texts without a warrant, which several sources have pointed out the gft often tries to do. as kris mentioned, washington is trying to figure out who hacked the twitter and youtube accounts belonging to the military's central command. this is what the twitter page looked like for a while on monday morning. it's very important to realize central command itself was not hacked. the twitter account was. there is a huge difference there, someone hacks a bank that's a problem. someone hacks the bank's twitter accounts, that's just embarrassing. whoever did it also published some secret data but if you google the secret data you find it on the internet, for instance on the west what purports to be a secret military map of north korean nuclear facilities own on the map a powerpoint published
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by mit. sam and laura, i am not jack ryan. i think those are the same maps. but i'll leave it up to you. >> is that a "clear and present danger" reference? >> indeed it is. >> just checking. thank you very much, scott. san francisco's koi tower will are closed as crews finish filming a commercial featuring a drone. it shut down the tourist attraction because the faa requires people to be at least 200 feet away. the tower is going to reopen tomorrow. >> a lot of tourists like to head up there. a lot of folks heading into san francisco this morning, this is a look at the toll plaza. me metering lights no doubt on this morning. >> ugh. not always fun to begin with and now you throw in another element to the equation. >> i think a lot of ladies like comfort and uggs provide just that. i'm getting a nod from our floor
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director. this morning it doesn't matter where you're headed. this fog is starting to create delays. as we get into this afternoon it will be clear. sunshine, we're not sparing the air. oakland on the east shore through 880, which typically stacks up at this time of the morning, you've got 0.13 miles of visibility. you have 5,280 feet you can only see 00 feet. in the south bay treacherous as well. san jose a quarter-mile visibility and headed throughout the day we'll start out in the 40s and 50s and going to end up comfortable a 64-degree day in the south bay. 65 for the east bay. trivalley 70 degrees for you and the north bay 70 degrees, so much warmer than average, because of this big ridge of high pressure, the same ridge
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that's forcing all that moisture right to the surface, as it gains some energy for today. you see that in the form of fog. here's the deal. tomorrow, likely dealing with fog, not quite as thick. we'll start to lose that fog thursday into friday, with some good atmospheric mixing, and really for fog to form, you need two things, clear skies and calm winds. once we pick up the windr>m= geg into late week we'll lose that fog. then i've been waiting to show you this, saturday at 11:00 p.m. starting to get rain showers in the north bay. we continue that futurecast sunday at 10:00 a.m., a little bit of shower activity lingering at that point. the weekend will not be a washout. you will have ample opportunities to get outdoors and stay dry but by the beginning of next week it does look like the storm track will return. we need that rain. we'll keep you updated, i'm very interested in the upcoming days. let's get to your drive. mike has the day off. couple things slowing you down. this is a really bad spot for a crash, westbound 580 at
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livermore avenue. you can see the delays here, spend about 15 minutes longer than usual to get through the crash. crash blocking the left-hand lane. the chp is on the scene and trying to get that cleared but this is going to slow you down, not a great alternate. bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are on. you can see how thick the fog is. travel cautiously. the clouds are starting to move up along the bay bridge, expecting to lose visibility here within the next 15 minutes. we'll show it to you live if you don't have anywhere to go, wo h otherwise we'll keep up updated. hundreds of people gathered in san francisco for a vigil and moompb to rememb march to remember the lives of four young men. >> all lives matter. >> the four men ages 19 to 22 were shot and killed friday night. police are calling it a gang related shooting.
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the men were sitting in a stolen car. the families say they weren't gang members and they're pleading for someone to turn the shooters in. protests planned outside the city hall in response to the approval of an armored police truck. protest is being planned by theory source center for nonviolence. the city accepted a grant from homeland security department last month to pay for this armored vehicle. critics say it's the same kind of vehicle used against protesters in ferguson, missouri, after the police shooting death of michael brown. they say the truck looks like a tank, but the city told santa cruz reporters it was made specifically for law enforcement. up next, flames break out feet away from one of the busiest transit hubs in the country. how it's impacting travel and why firefighters say it is suspicious. and travel right now this morning looking okay in the south bay. this is a live look from downtown san jose, as the sun gets ready to come up.
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some drivers have been dealing with some fog in the early morning hours. we'll keep you updated on that and much more coming up after the break it.
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and a very good tuesday morning to you. can you help me out? fog has inundated and traveling in as well. as you travel this morning, take extra time, extra precautions. we want to you be safe on the roads. 6:24 right now. investigators have the tools they say they need to hopefully pinpoint what caused air asia
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flight 8501 to crash into the java sea. yesterday divers pulled the plane's second black box the cockpit voice recorder from the water. it has been trapped beneath the wreckage. and analysts will townload the data. the device records in two-hour loops so experts should be able to hear everything the pilots said to each other during the flight. the plane was only in the air 42 minutes before it crashed on december 28th. 162 people were on board. only 48 bodies have been recovered. we have new video of what investigators are calling a suspicious fire at new york's penn station. more than 100 firefighters battled that fire that took over two levels at a construction site at the station earlier this morning. trains coming in and out of the station were delayed and reopened hours later. two firefighters were hurt. the fire caused considerable structural damage to the iconic station. is there a doctor in the
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house? >> those were. the terrifying moemts during a subway train accident in washington, d.c. smoke from abelectrical fire in the tunnel filled a train headed to virginia yesterday. one woman died. two people are in critical condition. >> there was a gentleman who went into seizures. there were two unconscious people that i saw pulled off the train by good samaritans that were carrying them. lot of people couldn't stop coughing. >> the train line will remain closed today. the time right now is 6:26. the markets still trying to find their way in 2015, and looking to right the ship after stocks fall for a second straight day. we'll take a closer look at the early numbers with scott mcgrew and we'll take you live to yosemite national park for two men trying to complete what's being called the hardest rock
6:27 am
climb ever attempted. >> this is a live look at the bay bridge this morning. some cars seem to be flowing smoothly right now. we'll have a closer look at traffic. much more news ahead right after this break.
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reaching for history, two climbers scaling the sheer face of el captain are inching closer toward the summit. live report from yosemite in just moments. thick fog forcing delays for commuters all across the bay area. we'll give you the latest here later today, better air quality. we've got a big pattern change ahead but not until we see
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sunny, mild conditions through friday. talking about rain in your full forecast just moments away. >> oil prices are on their way down again. we could hit $41 a barrel as we look at the open of the nyse and now over to the nasdaq as well, as business gets under way. >> we, too, are looking at a beautiful vista from the san bruno moun taketops. today is tuesday, january the 13th and you are watching "today in the bay." a very good tormorning to y. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. the end is in sight. two dariing men are inching eve so closer to the summit of el captain. >> the climbers are scaling the smooth face of the yosemite mountain using nothing but their hands and feet no, rope. one is from the bay area. we're joined live from yosemite
6:31 am
from halhalie jackson. >> reporter: kevin jorgen is enfrom santa rosa overnight made a lot of progress and caught up with his climbing partner and friend tommy caldwell. they're morning half way up the wall and while the rest of it is not easy by any stretch of the magazine it's a little less technical. there's a sense of optimism and hope the guys will hit the summit of el captain. they are free climbing. for safety to catch them if they were to fall. as you imagine that's happened quite a few time after the last 15 days. it's interesting because you talk about your heart fluttering when you watch this. for all of us non-climbers you think how could they do it? for these guys it's not a sense of thrill or risk, it's work. they planned this meticulously,
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year over year after year attempted it. this is about focus, it's about determination, it's about perseverance, not necessarily about thrill seeking at all. one of the climbers kevin tweeted out a bit ago, this isn't about conquering the cap, this is about realizing a dream. people from all over the country and world are here in yosemite, many stopping to watch the realization of a dream from me see guys. it's amazing. you can't help but root for these two. much more on the "today" show in a bit. >> did you talk to them before and did they express any nervousness? >> reporter: they're tweeting and instagraming and facebooking from the side of the wall. we are getting incredible insight day after day. you know how bad cell reception is in the yosemite. the wall has amazing signals so they're able to get signals out. kevin was struggling with this one part of the climb for about
6:33 am
a week. the momentum shifted in his favor. it's intangible. when you get that momentum it helps propel you to the top. >> multitaskers as well, being able to pull that off. thank you so much, hallie. we're following the climbers progress very closely this morning. hallie will have more on the historic attempt coming up on "today." >> really great insight there, the dome is wired. how about that? time to check your forecast right now, we'll give you a live look outside a city that is most certainly very internet-savvy and super wired, south bay on this morning. 6:33. we have been dealing with fog on and off. let's check in with christina. >> good morning, some parts of the bay area the fog is kind of drifting around, so even if you leave your house and it's nice and clear, there's still some really thick pockets out there. now that the sun is up, fog clears from the top down. you need the sun to warm up that top layer and that's what's
6:34 am
starting to happen. here is your temperatures right now, comfortable conditions, not too bad. i'm happy to report it is not a spare the air day, after hitting 11 consecutive, but we told you that fog was going to start to swallow up the bay bridge. we're actually seeing that in real time right now. so please take it easy. like we said before, this fog is not stationary by any means, and we're already seeing some pretty hefty delays, just caused by that reduced visibility. temperatures today are going to be very choice for outdoor activities, if that's something you're into and the air quality kept you inside, look at this, 70 degrees today in the north bay, that's a lovely day, same for the trivalleys. mid-60s for the rest of the bay area, not a lot of microclimate separation. here's the deal for this week, temperatures stay steady, we'll see more wind thursday into friday. by saturday the rain moves in, i'll give you timing for the showers in my next report. mike has the day off, pulling double duty and traffic is stacking up in the usual hot
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spots with a couple incidents continuing to cause slowing through livermore. westbound 580 the alivermore avenue the crash has been moved to the side of the road. it will take an additional ten to 15 minutes to clear the incident. alternate take greenville road to la placitas. the bay bridge toll plaza socked in with fog and it is a slow drive across that span right now. same for the san mateo bridge. give yourself extra time and please travel cautiously. we'll keep you updated. back to you, sam and laura. >> thanks, christina. the markets have been open for just a couple minutes, looking to recover somewhat. we'll check the numbers with scott mcgrew. >> we've talked so many times about oil prices fall so the market falls. falling, falling. oil prices have fallen again but look at the big board. the dow industrials are up 239 big points, or 1.3%! 17,880, so the rule here has been broken today.
6:36 am
facebook announced it's going to add amber alerts to your facebook page. this is not entirely new. you were able to "like" amber alerts for your state before, those would show up. now facebook says it's going to send out those alerts even without the like and they'll be more regional as well. unlike the alert on your iphone, it's not going to set off alarms or buzzers. it will just show up in your news feed but one more way to let people know when children need help. laura? >> important to get the word out quickly. thanks. 6:36. still ahead the head coach search heats up on both sides of the bay today. the top candidates meeting with the raiders and the 49ers coming up next. >> plenty at stake. plus celebration turning disruptive, as thousands of people take to the streets in columbus to celebrate a buckeyes championship. the controversial tactics police use to contain the crowds, next. keeping our eye out across the bay area this morning as the sun arrives.
6:37 am
very nice vista high above san bruno mountain this morning. foggy start in many parts of the bay. we'll have a look at your weather and traffic together, 6:36.
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welcome back. 6:39 on your tuesday. we're helping you wake up right now as you likely open up that window and see a lot of that stuff, fog, and plenty of it right now. christina will have an update on when it might start to clear coming up. new video this morning of rowdy celebrations in the streets of columbus, ohio. police in riot gear using tear gas to try and break up the crowd. this following ohio state's national title win over the oregon ducks. that game was played in dallas but thousands watched from bars in columbus and then proceeded to spill onto the streets after setting several fires. crowd of about 8,000 students forced its way into ohio state football stadium, and tore down the goal post, something you usually see after games in the stadium. they got in there afterwards. police made a number of arrests in the process. >> the 49ers search for the head coach takes a major step forward. the team is expected to meet with current broncos offensive coordinator adam gates for a
6:41 am
second time today. the two sides first met earlier this month. gates is also in line for the denver top job. the broncos cut ties with john fox this weekend. >> the broncos defensive coordinator and bay area native jack del rio is expected to have a second interview today to become the new head coach of the silver and black. he first met with the owner mark davis january 3rd and expected to sit down with the general manager reggie mckenzie, also going to be today. >> it will be interesting to see where everyone settles. 6:41. coming up making a move, attorney general kamala harris set to announce her run for the u.s. senate sometime this morning. we'll have a look at her political career next. plus a disturbing and growing tend, kids overdosing on purpose. the common medicine they're using to get high, next.
6:42 am
a live look outside, high above the golden gate bridge this morning, a foggy start many times there but across the bay area as well. we're back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, including traffic and weather, right after this break.
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happening today, big news, speculation crystallizing into reality. state attorney general and bay area native kamala harris is set to announce she will be running for u.s. senate in 2016, a seat that will soon be empty in a few years ben barbara boxer retires. >> "today in the bay" stephanie chuang joins us from san francisco this morning. stephanie, we're talking about someone who already made state history. >> that's right, good morning to you both, laura and sam. kamala harris we're in front of her state attorney general's office in san francisco. 50 years old, made history as the first woman, first
6:45 am
african-american and first south-asian-american to be elected to this office in california history. she was born in oakland, went to law school at uc hastings in berkeley, deep bay area roots and kicked off her career in the almeida county and san francisco district office. in 2003 and 2007 voters electriced her as district attorney. larry bersten says she has an uphill climb before she can pioneer the way for others who want to follow in her footsteps. >> particularly women and people of color who have yet to really achieve parity with white males. >> reporter: another name thrown around was gavin newsom. facebook he will not run, saying he wants to focus on california and speculation set on the race for governor when jerry brown's terms out in )qjs2018.
6:46 am
$50 million is the estimate from larry gersten on how much it will take a serious candidate to run and it could reduce the number of candidates for either party up to three to four and ultimately with other costs involved we're talking about the candidates collectively raising and spending close to $1 billion. as newsom did yesterday on facebook, we're expecting harris to make her formal announcement that she will run for boxer's seat sometime today on social media. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> okay, numbers, campaign financing numbers almost unimaginable a few yeerkz. thank you. >> as steph mentioned harris is expected to make the announcement any minute now. as soon as it happens we'll let you know. any time we're not on the air get the latest information on our website, let's get informed politically, actually we're going to go meteorologically outside right now, and check that out. >> wow. >> most of the bridge is kind of
6:47 am
just completely covered up there in fog. beautiful. definitely getting swallowed by the fog. >> by the way politics, you don't want to talk about politics randomly with people but weather, oh, my, my, always a good go-to. this morning the talk of the town is going to be that thick fog and i have to tell you, we're going to get your traffic in just a moment. mike has the day off. we have a multivehicle crash on 101 through belmont. if you take 101, stick around, we'll get to the report in moments. 48 degrees to kick off the day in san francisco, 39 degrees in the north bay. the bay bridge starting to get swallowed by that fog, and that will continue to be the trend as we head throughout the next couple hours. the fog is not going to get better, only worse. let's talk about what's happening out there, temps in the mid-60s, just about all week long. we're not sparing the air today. much better air quality and that sun will come out between about 9:00 and 11:00 your inland valley spots, seeing earlier sunshine at the coast, we'll get a little bit more wind. the pattern changes entirely,
6:48 am
getting close to the weekend. i know it's only tuesday but you might be thinking about the weekend, that might be what helps you get through the long workdays. saturday at 11:00, we do have rain on the way but saturday looks good for your outdoor plans. we stop the clock getting into your sunday at 10:00 a.m., showers linger. we have a better chance for rain when we meet back here next week and everybody keeps asking me, when is the rain going to return? now you know, bring that up to the water cooler. talking about your drive, mike has the day off so a couple things to point out. we'll start on the east shore, a serious incident crash southbound 880, just after 92, as you know where the two highways come together it typically slows. this takes you about 10 to 15 minutes longer than usual. to the multivehicle crash southbound 101 through belmont. we have four cars involved and it's blocking the fast lane so this just happened and the delays are just starting to stack up 280. definitely a better way for to you go this morning. we'll keep you updated.
6:49 am
this morning french authorities combing the streets looking for any members of what they're calling a terrorist cell involved in the deadly attack on satirical news magazine "charlie hebdo" this as funerals are under way for victims killed at a connected attack at a kosher market in par pice. >> we're joined by kris sanchez. we're learning of an arrest in bulgar bulgaria. >> yes, i mentioned that to you about a half our ago. here's what we know about the french citizen under arrest in bulgaria. authorities there say that the french citizen in custody is believed to have had contact with one of the brothers involved in the "charlie hebdo" magazine massacre, as lately as a week before the attack. the associated press reports that the man in custody had two outstanding warrants, one involving a terror connection, the other involving a kidnapping of his own son who he smuggled out of the country. meanwhile the surviving staff of "charlie hebdo" working under heavy protection, trying to
6:50 am
release their first issue since the shooting that claimed ten of their colleagues. it will reportedly feature the prophet muhammad again this time holding an "i am charlie" sign under the caption "all is forgiven." while they work, law enforcement searching for the woman in this picture, authorities say hayat boumeddiene is the wife of amedy coulibaly, who is the man who ez paris. she reportedly got out of paris before that attack and is now in a syrian town under isis control, virtually out of law enforcement's reach. in france the prime minister deployed thousands of troops and police, the most since war times. nearly half are protecting jewish schools and synagogues and in the u.s., security also high this morning at the jewish museum in new york, along with other federal buildings around the nation. the concern is related to threats against soldiers made by hackers who took over the pentagon's twitter and youtube accounts. they also posted isis propaganda video. the mourning continues this morning for the victims, the
6:51 am
four french jews killed in the kosher market are being laid to rest in israel. the three police officers killed in the terror attack are being laid to rest in paris. and a group of pakistanis holding a funeral for the kouachi brothers. although the world considers those gunmen terrorists, that group is hailing them as heroes. sam and laura? >> a lot to absorb. thank you very much, kris. our coverage will continue in a couple of minutes, nbc's richard engel is in paris monitoring lawsuitest developments. he'll provide live reports starting at 7:00 this morning on the "today" show. it is 6:51. the dirty cop scandal that rocked the east bay is now the subject of a book. it's called "the setup." tells a story of private investigator chris butler and contra costa norman welch. the two convicted of dealing drugs and other crimes and serving time in federal prison. the author happened on the book pete crook, after writing a magazine feature on butler's
6:52 am
private investigation business, in 2011. crook says he's already approached about making that book into a movie. moving to some health news, health officials say that seven more people who went to disneyland or came into contact with somebody who did have come down with the measles. new cases were confirmed yesterday, bringing the total to 26 people sickened in just four states. 22 of those come from california. officials say most of the patients visited disneyland or disney california adventure last month. others got it after coming into contact with people who went to disneyland. a bank, a market and a casino in southern california all among the locations where the public may have come into contact with an infected person. school officials in morgan hill warning parents of a troubling trend with potentially kedly consequences, this after three xwirlz overdosed on something so common you probably have some in your medicine
6:53 am
cabinet. nannette is live with more on triple c. >> reporter: parents have one more thing to worry about, keep an eye on the cold meds, britton middle school in morgan hill sent home a note recently telling families about three eighth grade students who had to be hospitalized recently after each took up to as to so-called one-a-day tablets for cough, cold and congestion. on the street that's called a triple c. too much of that causes intoxication and hallucination. kids take triple c to get high thinking the pills are safe but can cause organ damage in large quantities. the school principal says the three hospitalized girls were noticeably affected. kids are finding out about triple c through social media. it's a new trend catching on across the country. the problem is so concerning that the feds might put certain cold medicines back on its controlled list. the girls are cooperating with
6:54 am
school officials with this investigation but the girls may face disciplinary action but so far the good news is that the girls are going to be okay. live in morgan hill, nannette miranda, "today in the bay." >> they are lucky. thank you very much, nannette. at 6:54, despite looming tuition hikes a record number of students still want to go to uc schools. according to the "l.a. times," more than 193,000 students applied for at least one of uc's nine undergraduate campuses for this fall. that's a 5.8 increase over the, percent increase over the number of applicants from last fall. and for the first time, more than a third of those applicants are latino. more than 34% of the applicants were latino this year compared with 32% last year. domestic job creation has been a feather in our cap but united airlines is considering outsourcing jobs to 28 different airports including one in the bay area. it's a cost-cutting effort that would impact nearly 2 tshlg,000
6:55 am
workers. jobs include baggage handlers and gate and customer service agents. while the list of airports san jose mine ta airport is on the list. it's unclear how much the airline will save through outsourcing. if it does happen, workers have the option to transfer to other airports based on seniority. later today united and its union will negotiate on ways to keep workers within the airline. 6:55. the rule used to be oilb3a> pr fall, the dow falls, too. >> with ybut we're changing the. scott mcgrew, not following the rules. >> dow has gained more than 200 points even though the latest forecast called for oil to fall to $41 a barrel. even energy companies are trading higher. san ramon's chevron and exxon both dow components are higher as well. on the average, gasoline prices have fallen a penny a day for months now and were that to continue nonstop, gas would actually be free by august. not that that's going to happen, but right now only hawaii has average gas prices in the $3
6:56 am
range. central command's twitter account back to normal. hackers who appear to be loyalap to isis took over the twitter page yesterday as well the command's youtube account. today centcom tweeted out "we're back." as we were talking before, the military computers weren't hacked. the twitter account was. it's a huge difference. the fact that the bad guys simultaneously got into the command's youtube account leaves the question, was the military using the same password for both accounts and some of the onlinerers pointed isis didn't bother with their g-mail and g-plus accounts. >> google plus. >> even i couldn't remember what it was called nor apparently did the hackers. >> they did break into the pentagon twitter account which >> yes but not the pentagon. there's a distinction there, very important. >> very much so. thank you. >> happening today, the san francisco giants are planning on unveiling their plans for a
6:57 am
brand new venue near at&t park. >> brace yourself for the yard. "the chronicle" reports the yard will be a pop-up park on the parking lot, picture this, 18,000 square feet of property with a beer garden, food and retail stores. "the chronicle" says the yard is the initial phase of a much larger development plan that includes housing units. if the port commissioner approves the yard, it may open in time for first pitch, which is in march. >> i was going to say, it sounds nuts, only two, two and a half months away from baseball season. gwit. final check of the days top stories for you. kamala harris is expected to announc a run for the senate today. she would be running to replace current u.s. senator barbara poxer, who announced she's retiring in 2016. harris istsm expected toe]8íñ it coming after governor newsom saying he would not seek the
6:58 am
senate seat. a san francisco man is looking for help after somebody broke into his apartment and took his dog. surveillance camera shows a woman walking with his dog and two bikes. the coi tower is closed today for a filming of a commercial. the company was permitted to use the commercial at the tower so no going up close today. >> not today. we're talking a little spring and baseball, not that far ahead, christina. >> yes. >> are we feeling anything remotely like spring-like conditions today? >> certainly in the north bay today 70 degrees. hard to beat that this time of year. unfortunately that fog is so thick out there this morning, just getting to work will likely take you longer than normal. we'll get your skup date for traffic, three, four car crashes to report. 48 degrees in san francisco, on your way to 64. sam is right on the money, 70
6:59 am
degrees later on in the north bay. much warmer than average and let's get to the incidents, northbound 280 at stevens creek san jose, two-cars involved, blocking two left lanes, it happened moments before i stepped outonto the set. incident 101 southbound belmont, multivehicle crash and into the city next to san francisco and san mateo county lane, four-car crash southbound 101 at bayshore. so this is typical when we see the thick fog, pile-ups usual happen. please take it easy out there. fog will be burning off between 9:00 and 11:00. >> thank you very much, christi christina. computers we hate it when they analyze our thoughts but they can understand human behavior better than you might thing. >> a computer can accurately judge personality traits by your facebook likes. for example, people who like dr. who and wikipedia are more likely to be shy and reserved.
7:00 am
chose who like atheism and chanel or competitive. thousands of people signed up to be the my personality project on facebook. see you in 25. >> have a good one. good morning. on the loose. the hunt intensifies for up to six members of the paris terror cell believed to still be at large. charlie hebdo publishing their first issue since the massacre and puts t prophet muhammad on the cover. the white house admits they messed up not sending someone bigger to the rally. >> it's fair to say we should have sent someone higher profile to be there. >> new images of the panicked moment when subway cars in washington, d.c. fill with smoke. >> please stay calm and do not open the doors. >> leading to one woman's death and dozens of injuries.


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